I am based in London, but love to travel anywhere and everywhere.  I have shot weddings all over the UK from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, and abroad including in Italy, Greece and Morocco to name a few places.

I like to think my photographs are full of natural charm, energy and elegance.  My style is fresh and timeless and I aim to create evocative images that give a real sense of what happens, capturing the fast action and vibrant celebration as well as the quieter more reflective moments – the true spirit of the day.  I have a discreet, unobtrusive approach and try not to interrupt the natural flow; the best images are often taken when nobody knows I’m there. 

It is a great privilege to be so closely involved in such special occasions, and it makes me proud to feel I have been entrusted to help record the day for posterity – precious memories to be cherished.  I also love the chance it gives me to meet and work with so many different people.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, or perhaps we could meet in person and have a casual chat over a cup of tea!