We’ve just spent such a fun hour in an internet cafe on the beach in Tobago, looking at all the photos. They are TERRIFIC! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing it all so brilliantly. Every time I look through the gallery I love the photos even more. They are perfect. You could not imagine a happier pair of customers! So once again, thank you so much. You captured our big day so beautifully and we will be looking at these for the rest of our lives!
— Roz and Matt
Hi Mitzi,
The DVDs arrived yesterday! We’re absolutely thrilled with the photos - couldn’t be happier! They’re just wonderful, I can’t stop looking at them. Thank you so much. I have no idea how we’ll be able to decide which ones to print!
Best wishes,
— Louisa and Rob
Dear Mitzi,
I hope all’s well.
Thank you very much indeed for sharing the photos, they are really stunning and you managed to capture all our guests in natural, telling poses - very clever and thoughtful, thank you so much!....
Thanks so much again for your wonderful work, it was great to relive the day!
All the best,
— Sarah and Muhab
Hi Mitzi, I’ve just had a proper look at the photos and wanted to write to say how much I totally love them! You are so clever getting so many fantastic pics of all the guests, and of course the lovely ones of us, it is just magic to re-live the day thank you so so much! Lots of love Harry xxx.
— Harry and Chris
Dear Mitzi,
They are fantastic, we absolutely love them, we are looking forward to having a proper look now we are back and the Internet is better. We loved re-living the whole day as we flicked through them and you captured so many aspects of our special day, thank you.
— Katie and Adam
Hi Mitzi, flew in this morning after a dreamy honeymoon. Wish we could do it all over again. Went to Lombok in Indonesia and then Cambodia. So spoiling. You have taken some FANTASTIC photographs. Brucie and I are thrilled. Thank you so much. So wonderful to come back to those - it really makes it possible to relive it all again whilst looking through them.
— Miranda and Bruce
Hi Mitzi, I have looked through the photos, and they are absolutely brilliant!! Thank you so so much, we are so so happy with them!! Also I remember you staying later than planned at the wedding, thank you so much, what time were you meant to leave, and what time did you actually end up leaving?! Thank you so much, and thank you so much again for being so brilliant on my wedding day! Charlie.
— Charlie and Rob
Dear Mitzi! They are amazing! Thank you so much! We got back from honeymoon last night, and my sister and I have been going through them (whilst drinking champagne!) pretty much all day. There are so many, and you have managed to catch absolutely everyone. We had such a fantastic day, and you have managed to record it all absolutely perfectly. Even Sam thinks that he looks pretty good! Thank you again, Rebecca.
— Rebecca and Sam
Hi Mitzi
We’ve just got back to Burhunt and .. we have looked though the photos and they look amazing! We love them!!!
Thank you so much for everything.
Lisa and Ben xxx
— Lisa and Ben
Dear Mitzi, thank you so much for your inspired work in capturing all the joy and thrills with your magnificent photos of our special day. Your pictures are absolutely perfect, capturing the atmosphere of Hickstead and the bliss of the wedding party, our friends and family. You did a sublime job in an entirely unobtrusive manner. We feel blessed and lucky to have had you there to create such a flawless record of an unforgettable event. Our guests loved seeing all the photos on your site so quickly, and the prints we ordered look simply gorgeous. We can’t thank you enough! Much love, Lars and Paul.
— Lars and Paul
Hi Mitzi, thank you so much for the incredible photos of our wedding, we’re so happy with them as you brilliantly captured the mood of the day and the spirit of the location. Your photographic style, and your gentle direction, meant guests were at their most relaxed while being photographed, so the images don’t just feel like a record of the day but more like memories. Thanks again! Nick and Katherine x.
— Katherine and Nick
Dear Mitzi, thank you so much for the incredible photos!!! It is so wonderful to re-live the wedding again and again!! It makes us so happy… How amazing that you managed to capture everyone who attended and in such a way that everybody looks so pretty and like they are enjoying the day. Also it was really, really fantastic that we were able to view the pictures upon our return from our honeymoon.. ; ) We are absolutely impressed by your work and look forward to the Saturday photos. Thank you so much for everything so far and we’ll be in contact, Willem and Suzanne
— Suzanne and Willem
Hi Mitzi,
Just wanted to thank you again for photographing our wedding. It has been amazing looking through all the pictures, and it was unbelievable how fast the day went - so it is brilliant having such a full record of events!.. They are amazing! You really have captured it all..
— Izzy and Justin
What a wonderful service you provided! – you were so unobtrusive and all the photos are so redolent of the day, we are all delighted with them. Clare does not readily reveal herself in front of the camera, but some of them have captured her true self so well that they still bring a tear to the eye!
— Clare and Phelan
The photos are stunning. Absolutely beautiful, thank you. The friends I’ve shared then with all love them too! Looking forward to the DVDs so we can select the prints. We love them, thank you.
Alex xxx
— Alex and James
Just BRILLIANT. Thank you!!
H xx
— Zinnia and Henry
Oh Mitzi, they are soooooooo lovely, thank you, thank you.
— Becky and William
Dear Mitzi, the photos have just arrived and are beautiful. Thank you for doing such a stunning job and for helping everyone feel relaxed on the day.
Louisa and Wayne xxx
— Louisa and Wayne
Dear Mitzi, We have just got back from an amazing honeymoon, to see these wonderful photos. I am so impressed how well you did, with such an unphotogenic bunch of people! All photos look great. ..We really can’t thank you enough for how wonderful you were on the day - you really did do far beyond your call of duty and I hope it wasn’t too awful for you…
Speak soon.
— Lottie and James
Mitzi, hello! I am dad of Camilla, whose wedding you zapped June 12th of this year. I had to get in touch to say a huge thank you to you. I have just taken delivery of the 1100 odd photos you took on the day and they are completely wonderful! I know that’s your job but a huge thank you for being so involved for such a long time on the day. From start to finish you have completely captured the essence and spirit of the occasion and without this record we would be the worse off. You were utterly charming, discreet and professional, and the results are stunning, for us. So a huge thank you. Best wishes Christopher.
— Camilla and Tom
Hi Mitzi, greetings from Thailand! We just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say how delighted we are with the wedding photos. You really managed to capture a wonderful mix of the day, which I know is no easy feat, and we especially enjoyed some of the expressions on our guests during the speeches that you caught etc. We had a fantastic day (albeit having not slept the night before) and are loving our honeymoon with sadly less than a week to do before we return! I’ll be in touch with you when we return to discuss photo requirements, but just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts and work on the day.
— Marcella and Ciaran